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MagnetTx to Present at BTIG Virtual Conference

President & CEO of MagnetTx Oncology Solutions Ltd. Mike Cogswell is scheduled to present "MagnetTx MRI/LINAC Opportunity" at BTIG Virtual MedTech, Digital Health, Life Science & Diagnostic Tools Conference on Wednesday, February 17, 2021, at 3:30pm EST.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada — February 16, 2021: "I am excited to showcase the unique positioning and story of MagnetTx," noted Mike Cogswell. "I'm looking forward to participating in the prestigious BTIG conference, it's a great platform for us to share highlights of our decades of research and development that led to our one-of-a-kind Aurora-RT   ."

BTIG is a global financial services firm specializing in institutional trading, investment banking, research and related brokerage services. The company invited MagnetTx to share a 25-minute presentation over Zoom, which will focus on how scientists and engineers at MagnetTx accomplished something that had never been done before — merging an ideal .5T MRI with a linear accelerator for radiation therapy treatments — and what their innovative machine means for the future of cancer care and patient outcomes.

"Our 2021 conference provides an opportunity for participants to interact with some of the most innovative healthcare companies and astute investors in the world," said David Lenchus, BTIG Director of Research. "We look forward to inspiring insightful conversations about the future of the industry that will offer our clients new perspectives."


MagnetTx MRI/LINAC Opportunity

Wednesday, February 17, 2021


For more information about the conference: Participants must be pre-registered to attend.

MagnetTx Oncology Solutions Ltd. designs, manufactures and markets the MagnetTx Aurora-RT   . Aurora-RT is a cancer treatment system that combines high-quality MRI and simultaneous linear accelerator-based radiation therapy treatment. Unlike other MRI-guided systems, Aurora-RT was designed with patented rotating magnets with the RT beam parallel to the magnetic field. These capabilities eliminate the main issue of other systems — electron return effect (ERE). Aurora-RT is built upon a proprietary open-air MRI imaging system designed to address the unique challenges and clinical workflow for advanced radiation oncology procedures. Aurora-RT integrates with existing department Treatment Planning Systems, and due to its RT beam being parallel to MRI field alignment, it doesn't require clinicians and physicists to compromise from standard treatment protocols.

MagnetTx Oncology Solutions, Ltd.
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For more information, please contact:

Mike Cogswell, President & CEO

Phone: +1 (949) 257-3201


Time Zone: CST


Jessica Cogswell, Marketing Manager

Phone: +1 (812) 204-3304


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