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patient experience 

Patient Comfort

patient comfort

We created pioneering technology with patient safety and comfort in mind.

Bore Size: Aurora-RT’s bore is larger than typical bores — at 110 x 60 cm. Patients have more space, feeling less claustrophobic.

High Dose Rate: We have safe, high dose rate, treating with 600 cGy per minute. 

Real-Time Analyzing: During treatment, Aurora-RT quickly analyzes the tumor’s movement with 4 images per second. Clinicians can immediately adjust settings to the tumor’s movement, avoiding surrounding healthy organs.

Adaptive Treatment Capability: We developed our AI prediction model to learn from its experiences and apply that data to work smarter, becoming even faster with computational speed. Not only does our software quickly adapt in real-time, creating a super-accelerated workflow, it’s also cloud-based, so clinicians can view the contouring from anywhere on any device — including seeing the treatment planning dose immediately while approving contouring. Our enhanced process saves everyone valuable time with its precise, streamlined, rapid adaptive workflow.

Clinician Benefits



the dose is delivered exactly where planned. 

MagnetTx has enabled physicians the ability to monitor the treatment and location of the target, ensuring confidence that the planned dose is delivered exactly where planned. 


Save Time: Clinicians can treat more patients in less time with Aurora-RT’s fast beam-on time and standard treatment protocols. There’s minimal learning curve because the Aurora-RT fits into typical departments’ workflow, similar to adding a conventional LINAC.

Increase of Profits: Aurora-RT's fast treatment time allows clinicians to treat more patients per hour, boosting revenue with increased patient throughput. 

Patient Safety
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Patient safety and well-being is our #1 focus.

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 8.58.58 PM.png

Precise Targeting: Our advanced technology allows Aurora-RT to give a high dose rate with accurate, highly targeted precision, sparing healthy tissue and organs at risk (OAR). The video below shows an example of how a MRI scan would look from Aurora-RT.

No Electron Return Effect (ERE) & No Electron Streaming Effect (ESE): A major design aspect of the open Aurora-RT was to ensure our machine had no Electron Return Effect. Other LINAC-MR designs exhibit significant dose increases in healthy tissue from the MR’s magnetic field (called ERE), which do not exist with Aurora-RT. Another intentional design feature eliminated the Electron Streaming Effect (ESE).* ESE produces unwanted dose to the skin far away from the area being treated and is characteristic of cylindrical LINAC-MR designs. Our superior, thoughtful design of Aurora-RT does not produce this detrimental effect. 

* C. Kirkby, B. Murray, S. Rathee, B.G. Fallone. Medical Physics, 37(9):4722-32. (2010)

Advanced Tech

Advanced tech for precision

Our machine’s powerful advanced capabilities provide precision and accuracy.

Multileaf Collimator (MLC) Precision: With leaf widths of just 5 mm at the isocenter, the MLC can tightly conform the radiation beam to the target volume. It also allows for more modulation to increase the accuracy of intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) delivery. This precision allows us to deliver a high dose to the tumour, with less dose to healthy tissues. This benefit is important as we reduce the number of fractions with the new proposed Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) changes.


Dual Focus: Without compromising effectiveness, our dual-focus design produces the best possible alignment of the leaf to the radiation source at all field sizes, with the minimum possible penumbral width.

Thinner Leaves & Smart Accuracy: Our thinner leaves conform to the target’s shape to create a tight margin, which then provides the benefit of a sharper dose profile. Our focused MLC reduces penumbra for higher dose accuracy, with fewer side effects to healthy surrounding tissue.

Built Smarter



Aurora-RT’s innovative machine is built unlike any other making maintenance a breeze while appearing less intimidating for patients. 


Accessibility: Aurora-RT’s main control system and panels are conveniently located behind a wall, providing service personnel unprecedented open access for routine updates and required maintenance. It’s now easier than ever to work on this type of machine.

Serviceability: The modular design promotes ease of service for machine updates and repairs. And, our

time-tested design of integrated subsystems ensures reliability. We also offer remote monitoring capability, as well as on-site assistance from our dedicated team of experts and engineers, when needed.


Sleek, Non-Threatening Appearance: Patients only see the table and a control panel with an interactive touch screen, rather than a giant, overwhelming machine. And during treatment, the table effortlessly slides into the machine, where the patient experiences the open-system viewing with a ceiling mural — all of which puts patients at ease.

Easy Installation: There’s no need for major construction because installing our state-of-the-art

LINAC-MR avoids the need to remove a concrete ceiling to lower the machine from above. Aurora-RT’s main components can fit through most facilities’ existing RT bunkers and be assembled in place.

No Liquid Helium: Due to the lack of liquid helium, there’s no quench pipe to the outside required nor construction needed. And, the magnet can be turned on and off without special ramp-down/ramp-up equipment. This benefit allows service personnel the flexibility to turn the magnet off for maintenance.

Software Compatibility
software imaging.JPG
software imaging.JPG

Software compatibility

Aurora-RT is Neutral when it comes to treatment planning systems.

Options: Clinicians don’t need specific or proprietary software for treatment planning calculations. Because the MRI in Aurora-RT doesn’t affect the dose plan, there’s no need to plan for the deflection of electrons due to magnetic fields. The dose is the same as though there is no MRI. 

Better for planet

better for

our planet

Our use of helium gas eliminates the need for liquid helium, which is beneficial for Mother Earth.


High-Tech Refrigerator: Aurora-RT has a dry, open-air, high-temperature, superconducting magnet with a cryocooler that cools the magnet similarly to a conventional refrigerator. So, Aurora-RT doesn’t need liquid helium or liquid nitrogen to cool the superconducting magnet.

Installed Anywhere in Your Clinic: Without liquid cryogens, there’s no need for an exhaust vent, which means the system can be placed anywhere in a hospital or clinic, rather than near an outside wall. This feature significantly reduces the renovation costs by eliminating the expensive coring and additional radiation shielding required around the vent in other LINAC-MR designs.

Wider vaiety of treatments
Cancer Mortality-2.png

wider variety of treatments

Smart design and the table’s modular capabilities can do more for patients.

Right Size: The patient bore size is 110 cm horizontal (left to right) by 60 cm height (up and down). Its large 2 m bore length allows clinicians to perform more treatment options.

Table Motion Flexibility: With the ability to significantly move the table laterally and vertically, clinicians could effortlessly place the target from any location (e.g., peripherals) at the isocenter. This benefit offers standard breast treatments and peripheral treatments, traditional tangential breast treatments, as well as peripheral tumors in the lung, liver, or pancreas that are difficult to reach with other LINAC-MR designs.

Clinical Advantages: Clinicians can treat with standard angles and fractionation for all body sites including peripheral locations. Aurora-RT’s combination of unique elliptical bore shape plus the ability to move patients laterally creates tremendous treatment advantages.

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