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CNR considerations for rapid real-time MRI tumor tracking in radiotherapy hybrid devices: Effects of Bo field strength

K. Wachowicz, N. DeZanche, V. Volotovsky, B.G. Fallone

Medical Physics, 43(8), pp. 4903-4914 (2016).

Design and implementation of linac-MR Hybrids

B. G. Fallone, B. Murray, B. Burke, A. Keyvanloo, S. Rathee, J. St. Aubin, S. Steciw, K. Wachowicz, B. Warkentin, J. Yun

Editors: D. Godfrey, S. Das, J. VanDyk

Advances in Medical Physics, Chapter 6. pp. 113-142 (2016).

Minimal skin dose increase in longitudinal rotating biplanar linac-MR systems: examination of radiation energy and flattening filter design

A. Keyvanloo, B. Burke, J. St. Aubin, D. Baillie, K. Wachowicz, B. Warkentin, S. Steciw, B. G. Fallone

Physics in Medicine & Biology, 61(9):3527-39 (2016).

FEM design and simulation of a short, 10 MV, S-band Linac with Monte Carlo dose simulations

D. Baillie, J. St. Aubin, B. G. Fallone, S. Steciw

Medical Physics, 42(4):2044-53 (2015).

The Rotating Biplanar Linac–Magnetic Resonance Imaging System

K Wachowicz, N. DeZanche, V. Volotovsky, B.G. Fallone

Seminars in Radiation Oncology, 24(3), pp. 200-202 (2014).

First demonstration of intrafractional tumor-tracked irradiation using 2D phantom MR images on a prototype linac-MR 

J. Yun, K. Wachowicz, M. Mackenzie, S. Rathee, D. Robinson, B. Gino Fallone

Medical Physics, 40(5) 051718 (12 pp) (2013).

An artificial neural network (ANN)-based lung-tumor motion predictor for intrafractional MR tumor tracking

J. Yun, M. Mackenzie, S. Rathee, D. Robinson, B. G. Fallone

Medical Physics, 39(7):4423-33 (2012).

Design and Optimization of a Novel Bored Biplanar Permanent Magnet Assembly for Hybrid MRI Systems

T. Tadic, B. G. Fallone

IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, vol. 46, no. 12, pp. 4052-4058 (2010).

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