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MagnetTx Physicist Receives Highest Canadian Medical Physicists Honour

The Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists (COMP) awards Dr. Gino Fallone, MagnetTx Founder & Chairman, the 2021 Gold Medal for his lifetime achievements in medical physics.

June 2021 — COMP recognized Dr. Fallone at its annual scientific meeting on June 25, 2021. He was celebrated for his outstanding career, in which he significantly contributed to the knowledge base of medical physics to fundamentally alter the practice of medical physics; held leadership positions in medical physics organizations that have led to improvements in the status and public image of medical physicists in Canada; and significantly influenced the professional development of medical physicists in Canada through educational activities or mentorship.

“From an early stage in his career, Dr. Fallone has been a force majeure in Canadian medical radiation physics,” noted the COMP award announcement, “and has since become a world leader in the development of systems and techniques associated with image-guided radiotherapy of cancer.”

A member of the Cross Cancer Institute since 1999, Dr. Fallone reorganized the medical physics academic and clinical services program, enhancing students’ education by developing and directing the CAMPEP-accredited medical physics graduate radiation oncology physics and diagnostic imaging physics residency programs. He’s also an accomplished teacher, administrator and researcher, and co-author of 14 patents. He has 240 peer-reviewed publications, received many peer-reviewed grants from national and provincial organizations, given 130 invited presentations on his research work, served on many research grant panels for Canadian and U.S. granting agencies, and received numerous prizes.

During the past 30 years, Dr. Fallone has been active in COMP, the Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine (CCPM) and the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM).

MagnetTx joins COMP in congratulating Dr. Gino Fallone on this well-deserved honour.



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