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MagnetTx Begins Northern “Lights” Clinical Trial

In preparation for treatment, Aurora-RT™ is now providing images of the first cancer patient in the Northern Alberta LINAC-MR Image-Guided Human Clinical Trial (LIGHTs).

August 26, 2021 (Alberta, Canada) — The innovative Aurora-RT — a first-of-its-kind linear accelerator with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) created by MagnetTx — is officially in use for the trial at the Cross Cancer Institute in Alberta, Canada. The purpose of this study, ID NCT0435913, is to test whether the LINAC-MR can acquire high-quality MR images safely, and then optimize the necessary MR sequences on the machine to provide MR-guided radiotherapy.  These images will be useful for future adult cancer patients who are treated with high-dose external beam radiotherapy. It will allow researchers, including Principal Investigator Nawaid Usmani, MD, to develop the best collection of MR images possible to better visualize tumors when treating patients.

“We’re looking forward to the positive results expected from this trial,” said Dr. Nawaid Usmani, Principal Investigator. "For decades, doctors have used CT-based technology to see inside the body to better target tumours with radiation. CT is really good to see inside the body, but it’s not able to see all of the organs or tumours inside the body clearly. MR can visualize some organs or tumours more clearly. It’s like going from black and white pictures to colour pictures, where you are able to appreciate some details more clearly with MR. We are hopeful that this technology will improve radiotherapy treatments and allow us to transition to a point where we can use radiotherapy machines that only use MRI scans to guide their treatments.”

Throughout the trial, clinical radiologists, medical physicists, and radiation oncologists will develop and optimize MR sequences that can delineate tumour target volumes on the Aurora-RT system. Their goal is to create of series of protocols that provide clear MR-image guidance for each tumour group. An optional sub-study to assess inter-fraction motion will be conducted toward the end of the pilot phase. AHS Cancer Control Alberta is the Northern Lights Clinical Trial sponsor and collaborator.


Michael Cogswell, MagnetTx President and CEO, is honored to be part of the opportunity to provide superior clinical outcomes using the state-of-the-art Aurora-RT, making a substantial impact in the fight against cancer. "I am confident this next generation of LINAC-MR will provide a unique opportunity,” he said, “for clinicians to differentiate their clinical programs without compromising speed and the quality of care they’re accustomed too.”

The advanced Aurora-RT combines high-quality MR images with a 6 MV linear accelerator, providing excellent images before treatment for accurate patient alignment. Its real-time MR imaging during beam delivery allows prior gating of tumor-tracking features. These designs make the Aurora-RT perfectly suited for adaptive radiotherapy.


About MagnetTx

MagnetTx Oncology Solutions Ltd. is a Canadian-based company that develops global pioneering technology. We’ve combined a linear accelerator (Linac), with real-time (concurrent) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to deliver radiotherapy to cancer patients. Our goal is to substantially reduce radiation treatment margins and improve cancer patient outcomes with fewer adverse side effects. Our first device is the groundbreaking Aurora-RT™.

MagnetTx Oncology Solutions Ltd.

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