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MagnetTx secures worldwide license rights to develop and commercialize novel MR imaging and linear accelerator technology for cancer

EDMONTON, (June 21, 2016) – MagnetTx Oncology Solutions, Inc. (“MagnetTx” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has secured worldwide, exclusive rights from Alberta Health Services and the University of Alberta to commercialize breakthrough technology that combines magnetic resonance (MR) imaging and linear accelerator technology for radiation treatment required by cancer patients.


A Hybrid Linac and MRI System

art_squared_logoThe unique patented design of the Aurora RT™ has been optimized and refined by the Linac MR Research group at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. This group started the Advanced Real Time Adaptive Radio Therapy (ART2) program in 2005 to take on the challenge of combining the proven cancer treatment capabilities of a Linear Accelerator with the soft tissue imaging capabilities of Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

This research is documented in the companion scientific website:

The peer reviewed scientific publications can be found here.

Aurora RT™

Works-in-Progress   Not Currently for Sale

Aurora RT™ is an integrated medical linear accelerator and MR Imager for precise treatment set-up and for simultaneous treatment with soft-tissue imaging.   This device uses a unique patented design which almost totally eliminates the interference between the Linac and the MR.  Specifically, the magnetic field of the MR unit is provided by a cryogen free bi-planar magnet which rotates.  The linac is oriented to be parallel to the magnetic field of the MR unit.  The radiation beam is directed through the center of the coils along their common axis, and the entire system rotates together.aurora_clinical-transparent

About MagnetTx

Cross Cancer Institute, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Cross Cancer Institute, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

MagnetTx Oncology Solutions has been formed to commercialize the Linac-MR technology developed at the University of Alberta and Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. The company has been founded by the inventors – Dr. Gino Fallone and Brad Murray. MagnetTx Oncology Solutions has exclusive rights to negotiate an agreement to license the Linac-MR Technology from Alberta Health Services. The team at the Cross Cancer Institute was the first in the world to show proof of principle in 2008 when they produced MR images concurrently with linac radiation. Subsequently, they have developed a clinical prototype that is currently installed at the Cross Cancer Institute. This will be the basis of the commercial system called the “Aurora RT”.

Advantages of MR Guidance

Prostate X-ray CBCT Image

Typical Prostate X-ray CBCT Image

MR imaging is well known for its exquisite soft tissue contrast. State of the art linear accelerators have Cone Beam CT (CBCT) image guidance, which suffers from low contrast, and CT images cannot be captured concurrently with the beam delivery. The Aurora RT™ combines high quality MR images with a 6 MV linear accelerator. The machine is designed to provide excellent images prior to treatment for accurate patient alignment, as well as real time MR imaging during beam delivery to allow advance gating or tumour tracking features. These also make the Aurora RT™ perfectly suited for adaptive radiotherapy.

Prostate 0.5 T MR Image

Typical Aurora RT™ Prostate 0.5 T MR Image

Technical Specifications

Linac Energy6 MV
MultiLeaf Collimator (MLC)120 Leaves (standard, micro)
Patient Opening110 cm W x 60 cm H
Linac_MR ConfigurationAligned - Rotate Together
MR PositionRotates 360 degrees
Beam-OrientationParallel to Magnetic Field (minimal dosimetric perturbation)
Bunker and Maze SizeStandard for Linacs (installation through maze)
MR Cryogens and VentingNone Required
Beam ModulationIMRT, VMAT
Soft-tissue Imaging RateFour images per sec
Treatment PlanningReal-time Adaptive